THE DESIGH SCHOOL at Loughborough University.
Photo : Andy Weekes

About D.Doc

Europe has historical global leadership in design education at Cycles 1 and 2 and, over the last 25 years, has pioneered doctoral education at Cycle 3. Despite major progress in the delivery of transparency in the learning, teaching and assessment of Cycles 1 and 2 for design education through the European Credit transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), this has had limited impact on Cycle 3.
Vast amounts of unordered, unconnected, and often inaccessible materials relating to the learning, teaching and assessment processes of the Cycle 3 design doctorate plus its tangible outputs/outcomes reside in academic institutions throughout current and former Erasmus+ member countries. The D.Doc Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project is translating the current fragmented landscape into an ordered, accessible, and searchable knowledge framework that will provide transparency, recognition of skills/qualifications and promote internationalisation.

Aims and Objectives

D.Doc will exploit the existing but largely inaccessible breadth and depth of information relating to the design doctorate in Erasmus+ member countries by identifying scope, approaches, outcomes, and excellence to provide transparency, recognition of skills/qualifications, promote internationalisation and to inspire future economic, social, and cultural innovation through scholarly activity. To achieve this goal, it has defined the following objectives: D.Doc will

  1. Identify and collate details on institutions/colleges/faculties/schools/departments that deliver doctorates in design for 33 current and former Erasmus+ member countries.
  2. Identify and collate core/essential information on doctoral provision for 33 current and former Erasmus+ member countries.
  3. Generate criteria by which to identify excellence in the design doctorate and collate Impact Case Studies.
  4. Produce Impact Case Study videos that capture the nature of the doctorate.
  5. Undertake an audit of the state of the art in design doctorates in 33 current and former Erasmus+ member countries.
  6. Translate collated content from Objectives 1 to 5 into an accessible Open Educational Resource (OER) to enable effective/searchable access and dissemination.